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Handwoven Rug 30" wide (blue, brown, gray, white)

SKU: 30-0452
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  • This one-of-a-kind handwoven reversible rug is made from high-quality recycled Pendleton Mills wool selvage (the trimmed edges of Pendleton blankets) and a cotton warp. This rug features a classic color combination of blue, brown, gray, and white. The rug is approximately 1/2" thick—perfect for a soft landing out of bed or the shower, a cozy spot near the fireplace, or any place that begs for a splash of warmth and color. The 1” woven hems are open on each end so you can hang the rug on a wall or place it on your floor.

    DIMENSIONS: 30" x 51"

  • Handwoven wool rugs are made to last with the following care:

    • Shake rug out or vacuum with a smooth attachment.
    • Use a non-slip pad underneath rug if placed on a wood or tile floor.
    • Spot clean gently with mild soap and water.
    • Dry cleaning recommended. For washing instructions, please read "HOW DO I CARE FOR MY RUG?" on the FAQ page.
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